No matter where you live, getting away for a Caribbean honeymoon is a great way to relax after wedding day and the busy months you’ve spent working on wedding plans.  With all of the options out there, it can be tough to decide which amazing destination to choose for your romantic getaway.

As a Travel Specialist with an expertise in luxury all-inclusive Sandals and Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean, I’ve traveled to each of the resorts and know the differences and details of what they each have to offer.  So, today I’m featuring Sandals Resorts for honeymoons, and sharing my tips to help get your honeymoon plans started! If you’re planning on doing a tropical honeymoon, these tips will of course help you no matter which resort brand and destination you choose…


It all starts with these 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination:


  1. What kind of vacation experience do you want to have?

Consider your interests to help narrow down your destination choices.  Are you an adventurer who’d like lots of options for island excursions? Are you a golfer wanting to play a championship course?  A shopper who loves to seek out the local treasures at island markets?  Would prefer a long stretch of beach, or a smaller cove-like beach setting at your resort?  Do you want to party the night away, or are you looking for something a little more quiet and intimate?  Would you enjoy a luxury room, or is an over-the-water villa more your style?  Each Island and each Sandals Resort has their own distinct personality, setting, atmosphere, and unique assortment of options.  (Talk to me about which would be the best fit for YOU.)


  1. What is your honeymoon budget?

Just like you do with wedding planning, you should set a budget for your honeymoon.  Knowing what you are willing to spend on your honeymoon vacation will be helpful when making decisions about which island (consider costs for airfare), which Sandals Resort (prices vary depending on the resort), which category of room to choose (Luxury—entry level cost, Club/Concierge—mid to higher range cost, or Butler—highest level of cost, and the most amenities).   Hey, it’s your HONEYMOON, so, what better time than this to splurge?!

Kidding aside, I can help you stay within a realistic budget for your Sandals honeymoon.  One thing I always do for my travel clients is look for the most current specials, sales, and extras that Sandals is offering.  I also search for accommodations that will fit into the cost range the client specifies.  I can also guide you toward the times of year when costs are lower at the Sandals Resort location you’re considering.   A great benefit to booking a Sandals stay is that they only require a small deposit to hold your reservation.  Then you can choose your own payment schedule to pay off the trip a little at a time.  (This is something I can set up for you as soon as I create your booking.) It’s a great way to be able to make staying in an upgraded accommodation more affordable because you don’t have to pay for it all up front.  (Hint…You can book your trip as much as 2 years in advance.)


  1. What are the peak tourist dates of the island and Sandals location you’re interested in?

The Caribbean is a popular honeymoon destination, so, it’s important to consider a few factors when picking your vacation dates. If you want to avoid crowds, be aware that “tourist season” can peak December to April due people wanting to escape the northern winters.  This not only means more people in the area, but also higher costs and limited availability of resort accommodations.  The same is true for major holidays and long holiday weekends.  Also be sure to check island/city schedules for local holidays, annual events, festivals, and tournaments that attract larger crowds at specific times of the year.  It’s not uncommon for my honeymoon clients to plan their honeymoon travel to take place a few months after their weddings in order to travel at a non-peak tourist and cost times. This has afforded them a longer stay, or a stay in a higher-level accommodation such as a butler category suite!  (Hint: Low tourist season in the Caribbean tends to be summer—June, July, and August.)


  1. What weather season would you be traveling in?

Be familiar with the type of weather to expect during the months you’re considering for travel.  Here’s my little “Caribbean Weather 101” for you…The daytime temperatures average in the mid-80°F in most Caribbean destinations for most of the year.   The coolest months tend to be January-April (though still warm), while the warmest months are typically June-Aug (hot). Keep in mind that, while hurricanes don’t hit every year, Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th each year.  You’ll be in the tropics, so expect to see some rainfall, which is unpredictable.  (June is typically the rainiest month.)  As someone who lives in the topics myself (South Florida), I can reassure you that, unless there is a tropical depression coming through, rain tends to be brief.  And when you’re staying at Sandals, there is plenty to do while you wait for the sun to start shining again!


  1. Is an All-Inclusive Sandals Resort a good fit for you?

Imagine this experience…After you clear customs at the island airport, you pop over to the Sandals lounge or kiosk where your luggage will be tagged and handled for you.  Soon after, you’ll be whisked away to your Sandals Resort (either by travel bus or by private car, depending on where you’re staying and what level of accommodation you’re staying in.)  As you arrive at your luxurious resort, your vacation truly begins.  You’re welcomed by tropical breezes and the friendly staff who will offer you chilled towels, and then take you to your check-in lounge.  While your check-in paperwork is taken care of, you sip a tropical cocktail (or glass of champagne).  You are escorted to your beautiful room which will have lovely amenities and a fridge stocked with, at the very least, wine, local beer, water, and soda for you to partake of at any time (at no additional cost).  Each day, you take in the views of the lush gardens or pool or beach or ocean outside of your room.  Throughout your stay, you enjoy unlimited daily activities—entertainment, water sports (kayaking, wind surfing, sailing), scuba and/or snorkel trips (including gear), land sports (tennis, volleyball, billiards, and more). Or, you just relax in a comfy lounge chair by the beach or pool, or in a hammock under the palms.  Your cocktails, wines, and all beverages are always available.  You snack when you want at the pizza oven, coffee bar, bakery, ice cream shop, and themed snack shacks on property.  You dine whenever you wish because there are no dinner seating times to be assigned to.  Each day, you “dine around the world” at multiple restaurants to experience a variety of cuisines. You enjoy amazing pools, swim up bars, gorgeous beaches, and the lush tropical landscape.  The staff gets to know you and caters to your needs and requests, making your stay an absolute pleasure.  You never take out your wallet because all of these things are included, and tipping is not allowed.  When your stay at Sandals is over, you enjoy another snack and maybe a beverage, or perhaps take a nice walk on the beach as your luggage is handled. Finally, you are transferred in comfort back to the airport in plenty of time for your departure…You hate to leave.

This is the experience you can expect when you stay at an all-inclusive SANDALS Resort.  Does it sound like the right fit for YOU?


I can tell you from personal experience that all-inclusive resorts are not all the same.  Sandals Resorts gives you extra VALUE because so much is included at Sandals that is not included on cruises or at other all-inclusive resorts.  And the variety of accommodations you have to choose from at Sandals is INCREDIBLE.

So, why book your honeymoon with me at Dreamday Travels?  In a world where service has become so impersonal, and with the uncertainties that come along with DIY online vacation planning and booking, I offer my clients a specialized travel service and a highly personalized experience.  I specialize in luxury all-inclusive Sandals and Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean.  You’ll benefit from my firsthand knowledge of the properties and my ability to recommend the right Sandals Resort for YOU.  My services are free.  And, I always include free vacation planning and destination wedding planning at Sandals and Beaches with my bookings.

I’d love to help you with your honeymoon plans.  Get in touch with me here explore the possibilities.  Or email me directly at  I look forward to talking with you!


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Happy travels!


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Christine Terezakis is the founder and owner of Dreamday Weddings and its sister website, Dreamday Travels.  She has over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry as a Wedding Planner and Certified Sandals and Beaches Resorts Specialist.  Christine combines her wealth of experience, passion for weddings, and love of travel to inspire, guide, and serve couples who are planning their dream weddings, and Caribbean destination weddings and honeymoons.


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