Want some wedding planning tips that will give you clarity and help jump-start your destination wedding plans? Keep reading!



Doing this now will make things easier for you as you move through all the stages of your planning. Create a system to organize all of your important wedding information in one place. (Think planning timeline, contracts, vendor contact info and anything else you’ll need to keep track of.) Use a simple 3-ring binder so your organized system is portable enough to take with you on wedding errands or to flip through quickly during your virtual planning appointments. (Besides, a cute binder will make you smile more than a digital file will!)



Have a realistic conversation with everyone who will contribute to paying for your wedding (both sets of parents for example) and decide what you’ll be able to spend in total for your wedding. Once your overall budget is decided, stick to it when researching destination venues/resorts, selecting wedding packages and hiring vendors. Your budget will set cost parameters that will help narrow down your options.



To be able to lock in your destination venue/resort with a contract, you’ll need to have a wedding date in mind. A specific date is also needed for exact costs since prices for wedding packages and hotel rooms can vary by season and by day of the week depending on the destination. Have an alternative date in mind in case there’s a location you have your heart set on that might not be available for your first-choice date. Setting your date will quickly help with decisions because any venues/resorts that aren’t available for your date can be eliminated from your option list right away.



Although invitations haven’t gone out yet, you’ll need a good estimate of how many people will actually be attending your destination wedding because this will directly affect your venue/resort decision. The venue must be able to comfortably and safely accommodate your number of guests, and destination wedding packages are created (and priced) with certain guest-counts in mind.  This count will also directly affect the total weddi